Moving into a new space takes a lot of preparations and planning. Asides from moving your luggages and furniture physically, you also, have to deal with the mental work. One of the major concerns for most people moving into a new apartment is decorating. For certain people, having a space in their home decorated to look a certain way can be therapeutic. It could be their workspace, bedrooms, or living room. The decor of a home plays a huge role in the aura and psychological well being of the occupants.

Modern home designers are one of the most sought after professions in the world today. Taking a client’s idea and creating a design based on that is never an easy task. However, after years of training, it is expected for them to come through. The living room is one of the most important parts of everyone, as it is where you tend to receive visitors daily. Focusing on your living room is always a great choice when it comes to properly decorate your home. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when designing your home, including; furniture, color scheme and lighting.

Why Is Lighting Up Your Living Room Important?

All of the aforementioned factors are important in decorating a living room, however, the lighting surpasses all. Without proper lighting in your living room and your home generally, it becomes difficult to see. Asides from the impairment of vision, the other factors will become useless without proper lighting. The hard work put into picking out the right furniture and decorating will go unnoticed and unappreciated. Also, with an adequate source of light, your room will give you a sense of relaxation and warmth. Dark spaces often signify gloom and tiredness, except your bedroom at night. It is, therefore important to have good lighting in your home generally. Having a proper source of light in your living room is the best way to show off your decorating skills and feel good easily.

Tips For Lighting Up Your Living Room

Although natural lighting is the best option, there are several other ways you can light up your living room. The tips that would be mentioned below is perfect for anyone, regardless of if you’re an interior designer. They include;

Multiple Sources Of Light

One of the best ways to improve the lighting in your living room is by having multiple sources of light. There are a lot of homes with a single overhead light meant to illuminate an entire living room. This, however, doesn’t cut it, as it will leave the living room with shadows. Invest in at least 3 sources of light to be used in your living room. This will ensure that it is always properly illuminated.

Invest In A Dimmer

A dimmer is a piece of equipment that lets you alter the lighting in your living room whenever you want. With a dimmer, you will be able to adjust the brightness of your lights, however you want, depending on your mood. With different brightness modes, you can easily adjust it to your taste whenever you like.

Incorporate Lamps

A well lit room

The light source is, also, equally important when trying to improve the lighting of your living room. One of the best light source options is lanterns and lamps. There are so many variations of lamps and lanterns, which gives you a lot of options. One cheap and easy option is a simple table lamp, which is great for aesthetics and also gets the job done. With a great light source, you’ll definitely have a brightly lit living room.

Complimentary Furnishings

A lot of people might not realize this, but your choice of furniture plays a huge role in how bright your living room is. The right hues and colors of pieces of furniture have the ability to brighten up your living room easily. The same goes for other decorative pieces such as a central rug.

The right blend of colors will immediately make a difference in the general appearance of your living room.

Incorporate reflective Surfaces and objects

Easily add a freestanding mirror to increase brightness

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your living room is by incorporating reflective surfaces and objects. A great example is mirrors, glass doors, and windows. Literally, anything that reflects light will give off a luminous appearance and instantly make it brighter. This also goes for other items like wall decor, lamps, and stands. Opting for reflective variations improves the appearance of your living room generally. There are a lot of DIY options that serve this purpose on the internet that are super fun and easy to make. Incorporating some will also, do more for the brightness of your living room.

Natural Light

A well lit room

The cheapest option you most certainly need when it comes to improving the lighting in your living room is natural light. Natural light is free and gives off the best shade of all the colors present in your home. It doesn’t cost anything to maintain and it is by far the best option. Many interior designers suggest details that enable the flow of natural light into your home. It is not always feasible to add more windows but a change from curtains to blinds or simply remembering to open your window covers fully each morning can make a difference to the brightness of a room. Cleaning the windows regularly can make difference to the amount of light your windows let into the living room.

A 2002 literature review by L. Edwards and P. Torcellini observed:

Daylight provides a better lighting environment than cool white or energy-efficient fluorescent electrical light sources because “daylight most closely matches the visual response that, through evolution, humans have come to compare with all other light” (Franta and Anstead 1994). The majority of humans prefer a daylit environment because sunlight consists of a balanced spectrum of color, with its energy peaking slightly in the blue-green area of the visible spectrum (Liberman 1991). According to Hathaway, et al. (1992), natural light also has the highest levels of light needed for biological functions:

A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants - L. Edwards and P. Torcellini

More simply natural light has a more diverse spectrum than electronic lights which it is suggested humans require at a biological level.

Light away

Hopefully by following some of the tips presented in the article your living area and mood will be much brighter.