MADE Essentials Mino Leaning Shelves, White


MADE Essentials Mino Leaning Shelves, White

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Your flat’s unfurnished? Mino. Design-savvy-but-cash-strapped student? Mino. You just want great functional furniture that doesn’t cost the earth? Again, that’ll be Mino.
This is a great piece for renters, too. You can take it with you wherever you move. As long as your new home has walls, this lean-to piece can go in it.
Tables, storage, living room and office furniture. Our MADE Studio created Mino as a go-to collection. All in complementary colours and hard-wearing materials.
Wallet-friendly designer pieces – that’s our MADE Essentials range. There’s furniture and accessories for all spaces, styles and spends. Oh, and all of our design cred and craftsmanship you love, too. Check it out.


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