Malmeo 1000 Pocket Memory, Single Mattress, White



It’s a popular type for those looking for a good quality mattress that’ll be used on a regular basis. So it’s just the ticket for a kid’s room or for single sleepers.
It’s made with 1,000 pockets, each one housed in a fabric ‘sock’. This keeps them separate so each one can drop or raise individually as you toss and turn.
Medium consistency, we’d say. But the memory-foam layer on top adds an extra layer of comfort. It moulds to your body to give ultimate support, and relieve any pressure on the joints. Aah, that’s better.
It’s hand-crafted here in the UK, and unlike a lot of memory foam mattresses, it doesn’t make the bed too warm. In fact, the cool touch soft-knit fabric keeps the temperature just right.


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