Happy Beds Lavender 3000 Pocket Spung Memory Foam Divan Bed

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Struggling to sleep? Sometimes we all need an extra bit of relaxation to help us doze off. Cue our unique Lavender infused mattress. The Lavender 3000 Memory Foam Mattress is a handmade, innovative mattress with natural lavender imbued into the fabric, helping aid sleep with its relaxing and soothing properties. This quilted, pocket sprung mattress features a memory foam surface, providing that sink-into-me feeling, as well as excellent weight distribution to limit any night time fidgeting.. . . . . . Lavender: Relax More, Sleep Happy. Lavender is famed in the holistic and medicinal world for its calming and relaxing properties on both the body and the mind – there are some great studies on this nifty little plant! It’s especially known for its ability to eliminate nervous tension and issues such as headaches and postoperative pain. Lavender is one of the most effective natural remedies for restlessness and insomnia. . . . . . . . . . Memory Foam Comfort. With the combined memory and reflex foam surface, you’ll find yourself sinking into this mattress as it melds around you – the ultimate comfort. The air vents maintain air flow, giving this mattress breathability, whilst the 3000 individual pocket springs ensure that the mattress responds to your body movements attentively to provide stability. Excitingly, this means that if you have a restless partner by your side, their movements are less likely to disturb you. . . . . . . . . . Perfectly Designed. The Lavender Pocket Spring Mattress also sports a quilted finish made from high-quality materials, and is one of our non-turn mattresses, meaning you don’t need to worry about flipping it over! Though, we do recommend a rotate, from head-end to foot-end, every few weeks. . .



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