Happy Beds Manhattan White Wooden Dressing Table

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What’s one of the things we do most in the mornings? For definite, looking in the mirror is up there! Whether it’s a quick ten minutes or several hours, we all spend some time in the mornings (and the evenings, too!

) staring at our reflections, putting on make-up, running wax through our hair, styling our moustaches. Don’t just settle for a mirror, a dressing table is the way to go. The Manhattan dressing table is exactly what you need – contemporary, modern, and having enough storage in its two drawers to keep everything you need in one place.

Minimalist Design, Anywhere. The decision on where to place this dressing table solely depends on where you decide to get ready for the day ahead. Most prefer to get ready in the bedroom so it obviously could go there, however, due to the Manhattan’s minimalist design, it can go just about anywhere in the house. Some do prefer to get ready downstairs in order to make a swift exit or to avoid waking up their other half!.

The lovely, glossy effect of the Manhattan Dressing Table adds a certain zip to the lacquered MDF material, combining together to make a dazzling piece of bedroom furniture. The Manhattan is also part of a larger furniture collection, so if you love stylish uniformity this is a perfect start.

And, of course, you’ll want to add a mirror! The borderless surround allows your chosen mirror to accentuate its own presence without the need for glass protection. Overall, this is a sleek addition to the bedroom. The product is part of the Manhattan White Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection.


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