Aidian Corner Storage Sofa Bed, Stormy Grey


Aidian Corner Storage Sofa Bed, Stormy Grey

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Stretch out in style on Aidian. This Modern European corner sofa puts leg room squabbles to rest thanks to its roomy chaise design. Position the chaise on the left or right depending on your space.
If you’re short on space Aidian is a smart investment. This comfy corner style doubles up as a sofa bed that sleeps two, so it’s perfect if you have unexpected guests. And the best bit? How easy it is to pull out. Minimum effort required.
If the modern silhouette and sofa bed option weren’t enough to turn your head, Aidian also boasts hidden storage. Lift the chaise to tuck away guest bedding and any other bits that you’d rather keep hidden.
Our favourite Aidian corner sofa is now available in Stormy Grey for a limited time only. It might be back at a later date but we can’t make any promises so snap it up now.


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