Happy Beds Jay-Be CoreKids E1 IR-Energy 750 Pocket Spring Mattress – 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm)

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The Jay Be Core

Kids E1 IR-Energy 750 Pocket Spring Mattress not only provides your little one with unmeasurable support but also encourages reabsorption of the naturally lost infrared energy! With 8 integral layers, this mattress will provide your child with the best support possible. The e-Pocket core provides your little one with adaptable support as they grow and move.

Sustainability and staying green is at the forefront of all of Jay-Be’s mattresses. Developed from sustainable plastic materials, the comfort layers in Jay-Be’s mattresses are made from e-Fibres and are 100% free of foam. Since switching from foam to e-Fibre, Jay-Be has prevented approximately 70 million plastic bottles from going into the ocean or landfill. All the Jay-Be mattresses are rolled to reduce package size by 70% to reduce carbon emissions during transport. All the packaging is unbleached, 100% recyclable and sustainable!.

The Core

Kids E1 IR-Energy 750 Pocket Spring Mattress features 8 fabulous layers, including the wonderful e-Fibre to keep your little one’s bed dry and fresh. Another amazing layer is the bamboo charcoal infused section to help reflect infrared energy back into the body. Infrared is a natural energy that our bodies produce and lose, the metallic properties that bamboo inherits when burnt for energy, means it can naturally reflect the infrared energy your body emits, back at your body, which has many health benefits!.

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Knitted fabric for a soft touch sleeping surface


Advanced e-Fibre for optimum comfort


Bamboo Charcoal infused e-Fibre to reflect infrared energy back into the body


Rebound e-Fibre of contour support


e-Pocket core for adaptable support


High density e-Fibre base layer



D breathable border to encourage air flow


Handles for an easy movement

Go green now with the Jay-Be Kids Foam Free Waterproof Spring Mattress!


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