Happy Beds Muddy Friends Children’s JCB Digger Bookcase

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Vividly decorated and featuring the whole JCB Muddy Friends crew, the JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase offers any future foreman's bedroom an undeniable element of style as well as a practical space for storing their books.

Muddy Marvelous

The JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase is clad in the iconic JCB shade of bright yellow, instantly making it stand out in a kid's bedroom. This vibrant decor'll make the prospect of hitting those books a little more alluring, especially when the budding builder can ready with all of the Muddy Friends.

Stacking on Scoops

Featuring three separate shelves, the JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase is immensely practical and able to accommodate a wide range of books, whether they're small paperbacks or large picture books. The railings behind each section of the two large shelves prevent the books from falling behind the JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase, while the top shelf offers a perfect spot to display toys and tools.

Solid Craftsmanship

Give the young builder a bit of experience for their future vocation when assembling the JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase, especially when considering how simple the process is. Simply slot each section together and the JCB Muddy Friends Bookcase will be ready to place in a kid's bedroom.

Part of the JCB Muddy Friends Children's Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection

The Muddy Friends Bookcase is part of the JCB Muddy Friends Wooden Children's Bedroom Furniture Collection.


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