Happy Beds Patisserie Pink Wooden Children’s Push Along

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Give your little bakers the right equipment for moving their confectionary and baked good, or books and toys, around their play area with the Patisserie Push Along. Charmingly decorated and designed with a focus on simplicity, the Patisserie Push Along is easy to move around and features enough space to host an array of items.

Play's a Push Over

Featuring four concise wheels and a sturdy handle, toddlers and small children can easily and safely play with the Patisserie Push Along without parents worrying. Within the Patisserie Push Along is a spacious area that can comfortably accommodate plenty of toys, helping to keep the fun times rolling.

Brilliantly Baked

Clad in an enchanting colour scheme that combines soft pinks with soothing whites, the Patisserie Push Along is an eye-catching addition to any play area. The Patisserie Push Along also showcases images that will appeal to the sweet tooth, with jars of candy, cupcakes and large strawberry adorned cakes being matched with the sprinkle doughnut wheels.

Swift & Mobile

The Patisserie Push Along doesn't require much toiling during the assembly process, as much like the rest of the Patisserie collection it mostly needs to be slotted together, piece by piece. The only additions to this jigsaw-style construction process are the wheels, which need to be screwed on.

Patisserie Children's Furniture Collection

The product is part of the Patisserie Children's Bedroom Furniture Collection


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