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Creating a balanced home with Feng Shui

2020 has shown how important it is to focus our attention to the place we live in.

It’s been more than one year that the world’s population has been locked inside their homes and this has created an opportunity for focusing on the home environment aiming to improve it.

Harmony, comfortable and functionality became the focus when redecorating the house and there are a few tools and frameworks we could use to help to find this balance.

One ancient tradition which focuses on creating a harmonic home, is Feng Shui.

According to Wikipedia: “Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a pseudoscientific traditional practice originating from ancient China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”

Some things are known to be simple and at the same time very helpful to boost the way your house looks.

  1. Painting the walls and bringing colorful stones and crystals to decorate your house. Some earth elements helps to help the inner balance;
  2. Changing the colour of current furniture, pillows, throws and blankets. Sometimes smalls changes can bring the winter or summer vibes to your house, without having to spend too much money with refurbishment;
  3. Adding more artwork, flowers, objects and accessories to boost the area you are focusing on. This is known to increase creativity and contentment;
  4. Tied up and organise. One of the best things to make your brain more focus is to have a tidy and organised environment, allowing them to only focus in one thing/ action/ task at the time.

Below we have put together the top 10 tips on how to improve your home with Feng Shui based on what you want to boost and focus in your life:

Family and new beginnings

Colour: blue, green or teal
It brings family harmony, open doors to new beginnings and projects.
Suggested items: glass side table; green armchair; teal armchair; Sofa: here and here
Table: here

Wealth and Abundance

Colour: purple
It brings financial stability, abundance and wealth.
Suggested items: pouffe

The centre and Health

Colour: Earth tones, yellow and orange
It brings balance for the body and mind
Suggested items:  bar stools; stool; beds; armchair

Helpful people and travel

Colour: grey
It makes you more supportive, enhance the empathy and attention to others
Suggested items: sofa; desk; bed; drawer; bunk bed; bench; plant pot

Children and Completion

Colour: white
It brings you joy, makes you focus on finishing projects
Suggested items: sideboard; marble table

Knowledge and Self-cultivation

Colour: dark blue and indigo
It brings self-awareness, boost your spiritual journey
Suggested items:  chest of drawers; arm chaise; sofa; sideboard

Fame and Reputation

Colour: red
It images you focus on your passion and open you to the world
Suggested items: armchair; sofa bed; stool; pouffe; footstool

Career and Path in life

Colour: black
It boost your networking and wisdom yo help you making better decisions.
Suggested items: mirror; pouffe; bed; drawer chest; sofa bed; console table; dining chair

Love and Partnership

Colour: pink,
It strengths the relationship through softness and understanding
Suggested items :armchair; bed; sofa; stools; plant pot; wardrobe unit

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