Happy Beds Jay-Be Simply Kids Foam Free Anti-Allergy Pocket Spring Mattress – 4ft Small Double (120 x 190 cm)

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Jay-Be’s kids’ mattresses are developed not only to provide your child with unmeasurable support but to protect the future of our planet. 100% foam-free and free from harmful chemicals, you can sleep easy knowing that your little one will too when they have the wonderful Jay-Be Simply Kids Foam Free Anti-Allergy Pocket Spring Mattress.

Sustainability and staying green is at the forefront of all of Jay-Be’s mattresses. Developed from sustainable plastic materials, the comfort layers in Jay-Be’s mattresses are made from e-Fibres and are 100% free of foam. Since switching from foam to e-Fibre, Jay-Be has prevented approximately 70 million plastic bottles from going into the ocean or landfill. All the Jay-Be mattresses are rolled to reduce package size by 70% to reduce carbon emissions during transport. All the packaging is unbleached, 100% recyclable and sustainable!.

Developed with your child in mind, the Jay-Be Kids Foam Free Anti-Allergy Pocket Spring Mattress features a pocket sprung interior to offer your little one the best reactive support. The e-Fibre layers, which are made 100% from recyclable plastic bottles, are breathable and free from VOC emissions. This mattress features 6 key elements working together in harmony to create the most comfortable and sustainable night’s sleep for your child.

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Purotex treated! A natural probiotic technology that absorbs moisture and reduces the presence of dust-mite allergens.


Cosy woven fabric surface for additional comfort


e-Fibre comfort layer, wonderfully breathable for temperature control and moisture regulation


Flexible barrier for optimum comfort layer recovery


Deep e-Pocket spring for responsive contour support


Cushioned bordered for extended mattress life

You can start saving the world now, when you purchase the Jay-Be Anti-Allergy Pocket Spring Mattress!


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